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Come in, slow down,

give yourself permission and allow

learn to pause learn to receive

learn to listen learn to be still

come home to yourself in a deeper way

and restore clarity from within

so you can renew your innermost being

Illuminate your Strength - Step into your Light

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About Loba Chudak

Loba Chudak is a holistic life balance & business creation coach with a background in the visual, performing and healing arts. She supports conscious women to increase their presence and ease by bringing more balance into their lives and encourages their success by incorporating proven practices, creative approaches and fun towards creating their goals.

Her private coaching and seminars allow sensitive women entrepreneurs to outgrow self-imposed limits, transform drama & pain and move into more radiance,  joy and inner peace: Moving forward saying YES to themselves, renewing their passion and embodying their purpose - the projects, lives &  business they desire to create.


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Healing & Clarification For Women who want to bring their goals to full bloom

Soul Song VIP Experience

Ceremonial Scarves Your piece of art created for you

You are a sensitive woman with a desire to make your voice and work known in the world ?

I channel your special piece for you, your color, your expression

your support and touch stone on your path.

Poise & Poesie art by Loba Chudak

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live and create in harmony with your souls desire

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Spring  Special

$40 off a single Introductory Balance Basics Session

for new clients

Make time for self care. February, mid point, time to strengthen & promote your inner wellbeing. Confirm your basis for harmonious action and balance in the upcoming weeks of adjustment between winter and springs beginnings.



Illuminate Strength VIP day

Inspired Beginning Mini Cycle

Manifestation Courage Program

Manifesting Soul Vision

You are a woman with a desire to create her life and share her work in a deeply authentic way ?
Making a meaningful contribution in your life and your work is a strong driver for you and you feel great joy when you can be in that place of creating and serving from this vital place within you.

Even though you are sensitive you are at the same time powerful and yet, You often experience doubts that lead you to feeling stagnant, questioning yourself and your next steps.
Feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and wondering how to put it all together you may pull back and spend time doing things that in the end don’t really get you to where you would like to be. You may feel sad about not getting to where you deep within know you want to go.

I show sensitive, strong women step by step how to master their inner strength, so they can manifest their talents and gifts undeterred, connected to and guided by a deep and resourceful knowing, in alignment with their inner compass and guidance.

You want to bring your gift out into the world AND do it in a way that nourishes and supports you financially in a sustainable, uplifting and truly satisfying fashion, but the steps to getting there sometimes elude you and it can all seem like a big and overwhelming task ?

Learning the essentials of being your true self, standing in the powerful value of your unique contribution, so you can practice seeing your light and the value you bring, are the most important first steps. The details, the know how and practical implementation steps follow.

Are you willing to connect into your depths and bring forward the unique magic of your light and hearts desire ?

- allow yourself more courage in saying YES to yourself

- get clearer about your direction and courageous enough to follow it

- live and express your authentic self and gifts more directly

- confidently & joyfully follow your unique path and manifest it in satisfying and sustainable ways

I am wholeheartedly here for you


Learn to be the master of your inner and outer success team, inspired and supported by your strength and guidance, to trust and follow  your unique path without excuse and reservation.

Balance for Everyday Living

Find your Calm

learn to slow down, make time for yourself and cultivate your ability for restful quieting of body and mind, so you can experience more flow & ease in your life & business

Introductory Evening, Champaign, IL

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